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Text under top image: The Lady in the Boat,
American impressionist Edmund Greacen,

Text, lower right: The speed of light
Text for upper image: Flower Garden, American
Impressionist Louis Ritman, 1889-1963

Text for lower image:
Rainy Day, American
Impressionist Frederick Childe Hassam, 1859-1935
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    THEY WILL BE LIKE YOU, by Mary Campbell

    They imitate the way you sneeze and tie your shoes and
    cut your food, so please, if for no other reason, eat your
    peas and brussels sprouts; and when you hold your
    head high, when you scan the sky to find your polestar,
    they look too, not knowing why, not yet, at least. Your
    steady temper teaches them serenity; it readies them to
    make their way above the petty and the mean and not get
    muddled over seeming versus substance, which is why
    they trust that everything is as it needs to be in the reality
    of here and now. And so you chart your course on higher
    ground, not only for their sakes, not just to see the sun
    wake up and gild the valley till it can’t contain the light;
    it’s where the road to paradise begins.

    Mistakes need not become regrets, for yesterday’s
    experience makes compost for tomorrow’s garden. Now
    you get to show them how the dark can be the most
    propitious place to shine.

    The prophet says: You are beyond forgiven. In the
    morning comes the splendid grace that lifts you up,
    scrapes off the blemishes, and takes away the sting.
    And isn’t that (you ask rhetorically) the Gospel, and the
    promise kept?—All things are possible; all souls
    have wings.
    8x10-inch wall art suitable for framing—text below, illustration by Jessie
    Willcox Smith. Intro price: $4.50. Order qty. 2 on order form.
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See below for full text and art identification
Text by Mary Campbell (complete text at right)
Illustrated with Renaissance and Neoclassic art
Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Hunters in the Snow, 1565
Pompeo Batoni, The Sacred Family (detail), 1760
Leopold Kupelwieser, The Journey of the Three Kings,1825
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Item J
Lo, the baby born on Christmas~
Sisters, can you hear the sound?
Angels singing Alleluia,
angels here and all around.
He is sweet as Heaven’s clover
meadows in the morning sun
fed by love and living water.
Feed, O sacred spring, in us
hope that clings at summer’s end
as petals to the dying rose.
Then we shall sing Alleluia!
Then shall all God’s creatures know
how the baby came in winter
to a dark and barren land.
Brothers, can you see the tender
vine upon the desert sand?
Even as the clouds of death
cast their shadows o’er the ground,
victorious are life and breath.
O, hear the angel carols now,
Noel! Glory, Alleluia!
fills the mountains and the sky.
We too sing him Alleluia!
Sing for him a lullaby.
surface of the lake
creatures keep their vigil.
Soon the land will wake
seeds, at rest before their
season has begun,
sleeping until morning,
waiting for the sun.

Life does not surrender
when the dry leaves, stung
by the frost, recover,
yielding one by one.
When the wind blows bitter
o’er the frozen earth,
life comes new in winter
with the baby’s birth.

We are born anew then,
clean and fresh as morning.
All has been forgiven,
seventy times seven,
long before we seek it.
On the wind, the breath of
grace descends; receive it.
Breathe, and breathe it in.

Lo, the baby born in winter~
Children, this we celebrate
on Christmas, for his innocence
is born in us today.
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8x10 wall art suitable for framing. Introductory price: $4.50.
Order qty. 2 on order form.
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