right: "the times
of day, morning"
Philip Otto Runge, 1809,
"for a chapel [for] the new
religion of nature"
represented by
"Aurora, the emerging
dawn." —
H. Armstrong,
from "Fundamentals of
Symbolism,"  Part II
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from Anglo- Saxon
fertility goddess
Her month is April.
May be related to  
European goddess
of dawn

forgive yourself

Easter is a good time to remember to
forgive yourself. Some of us were taught
that Jesus took our sins upon himself on
the cross. If you're not clear on the
concept, consider THIS part of the Easter
message: We're not just new, clean, and
innocent one spring Sunday each year.
Easter is a state of mind. Every day,
at the Annagrammatica staff assembly,
we pray these words from Psalm 51:
Create in me a clean heart, O God. And
then we accept it and say, "Thank you."
it's spring!
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The robins are returning and the ground is greening up, and 4 out of the 5 people we asked, who are our children
and one grandchild, who soiled his Huggies during our interview, agreed that the best way to CELEBRATE the
change of season is to...
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Do NOT give anybody one of those Plutonium Pink bunnies. Never eat something that glows in the dark.
Spring Fever? On a really lovely day, take "sick leave" and spend it outdoors.


spread joy, not germs

Hugs can be healing; they're often
comforting. But some people aren't
huggers. Sad, but that's how it is.

You can pretty much tell when you start
to hug people whether they're huggers or
not. If they grimace, or back away... or if
they get all stiff and awkward during a
hug... they're probably uncomfortable
with the physical closeness. Or, and this
might be sensible, they don't want to
hug during flu season. Don't take it
personally. Touch their shoulder, take
their hand... but be alert to the signal
"You're bugging me."

We at Annagrammatica are big on hugs.
We especially like to hug the widows and
widowers at church, especially those
who don't have children living nearby.

Hug early and often.
Don't hug when you're sick! Really! How
disgusting is THAT?
obsessive guilt

One of our Annagrammatica helpers is a
dear woman whose children have long
been grown and gone and who,
nevertheless, is still beating herself up
for her imagined shortcomings as a
parent... failings on her part that, she
says, caused tragedies in all her
children's lives. There is an underlying
selfishness in this type of attitude, but,
apart from that, everything I've heard
about her from her children confirms
my belief that she was an excellent
parent. Most parents do the very best
they know how to do at the time. We
don't know any perfect parents. We don't
think we'd recognize them if we saw
counseling & support groups
can help--a LOT

Guilt is good for righting wrongs. It's a
bummer of a lifetime companion. It can
be very difficult for, say, the unlucky
driver who was in the wrong place when
a child ran out into the street — even if
there were no way to avoid hitting the
child — to deal with the feeling that he or
she "caused" the child's injury or death.
Support groups and counseling are very
effective in such situations.

NOT guilt (or anger, or depression) is our
"default" state of mind.

We at Annagrammatica hope and pray
that your joy is great, at Eastertide and
from Eostre,
Germanic goddess of
April, dawn;
AURORA; Proto-Indo-
Eur. goddess
of the dawn
poppies in spring

the riot of spring

The Rite of Spring (Le sacre du printemps)
is an early-20th-century ballet with
music by the Russian composer
Stravinsky, choreography by Vaslav
Nijinsky, and set design and costumes by
archaeologist and painter
Roerich, staged by impresario Serge

Even a hundred years later, Stravinsky’
s music sounds strange to ears
accustomed to more conventional
notions of beauty and structure. We here
at Annagrammatica headquarters tune
in to the other classical-music station
when we hear Stravinsky.

When the ballet
premiered (Paris,
1913), it was considered so outré — not
only the music but also the subject
matter and the “violent” choreography
“depicting fertility rites” — that rioting
broke out in the audience, though the
entire work is only about thirty-three
minutes long.

pagan theme

The ballet — shockingly to mainstream
audiences of the time — represented
scenes from
pagan Russian folklore. The
concept arose from a discussion between
Stravinsky and Nicholas Roerich in
which Roerich shared his “fleeting vision
of a pagan ritual in which a young girl
dances herself to death.” Writes
Stravinsky's, “There arose a picture of a
sacred pagan ritual: the wise elders are
seated in a circle and are observing the
dance before death of the girl whom they
are offering as a sacrifice to the god of
Spring in order to gain his benevolence.”
First Part: A Kiss of the Earth
The Augurs of Spring [Dances of the Young
Ritual of Abduction
Spring Rounds
Ritual of the Two Rival Tribes
Procession of the Oldest and Wisest One [the
The Kiss of the Earth (The Oldest and Wisest
One) [(The Sage)]
The Dancing Out of the Earth, OR The Dance
Overcoming the Earth

Second Part: The Exalted Sacrifice
Mystic Circle of the Young Girls
The Naming and Honoring of the Chosen One
Evocation of the Ancestors OR Ancestral
Ritual Action of the Ancestors
Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)
audience reactions

The audience responded with “catcalls
and whistles,” escalating to loud booing
and even louder arguments among
audience members who either loved or
hated the work. Shouting, fistfights, and
then all-out rioting ensued. Even the
Paris police failed to restore order, and
“chaos reigned for the remainder of the


Today, the Rite of Spring ballet is “a
standard of dance troupes around the
world” as well as of symphony
orchestras, performing the work in a
concert setting.

—principal source:
Contemplate grass, à la Walt Whitman. Does the slender stem  contain the secrets of the universe? Or is it
spurge, which, if it is, get rid of it ASAP in an environmentally responsible way.
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Have a picnic
Toss a Frisbee
Wear a floaty dress and sit under a tree and read poetry
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hugging: spread joy,
not germs
the riot of spring
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1-little flower
2-happy easter,
happy spring (a)
3-hey, dad
4-life triumphant
5-happy easter,
happy spring (b -
6-easter blessings
7-the wheel of the
8-signs of spring
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#EA4 Life Triumphant (Mary)
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#EA5 Happy Easter, Happy Spring (b - eggs)
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#EA6 Easter Blessings
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#EA7 Wheel of the Year
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Singles or Pack
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Singles or Pack
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#EA8 Signs of Spring
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Singles or Pack
#EA3 Hey Dad
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Singles or Pack
everything is new
again, including
you again


Guilt is an uncomfortable and therefore
useful emotion in the short run. If you
have wronged someone, guilt prompts
you to make it right. Apologize, make
restitution, do everything in your power
to undo the damage.
Then forget it.

If, in spite of all, you're not forgiven,
then the problem belongs to the person
who refuses to forgive. Continue to act
courteously and responsibly toward that
person, but separate yourself from his or
her vindictiveness.
#EA9 Snail
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