I spot a sunny window and I feel like it’s my
birthday. Every home must have a few, to ward off
melancholy. Dark moods brighten in the company
of pots of jaunty herbs along the narrow boundary
between inside and out. To bridge the separation,
hang a pothos overhead and dust the leaves with
regularity. Be sure to note the time of day when
first the bravest rays begin to brush the foliage,
much the way a mother strokes her baby’s face...
and let the moment be a regular appointment so
you don’t forget to stop and sit and watch
habitually, in awe of what you’re witnessing, the
sacred intimacy of it.

PAPER: Annagrammatica
uses only 100-percent-
recycled, PCF  (processed-
chlorine-free) papers in its
publications, mailings,
office documents, kitchen,
and bath. We do not use
disposable towels, napkins,
cups, plates, utensils, etc.
make our own janitorial
products using white
vinegar, tea-tree oil, baking
soda, lemon juice,
*hydrogen peroxide, and
other environmentally
friendly ingredients
LIGHTING:  We use only
fluorescent and  compact
fluorescent bulbs (and
AUTO FUEL: Everyone at  
International Headquarters
and our associates,
subcontractors, and service
providers are full-time
telecommuters working
from home. All our meetings
are via telecommunication

Try not to think too much about the photosynthesis
that’s going on. It fascinates, but this is an
exchange of love between the earth and sky you
look upon, and the display is brief... a micro-dawn,
a silent prayer that can be only now observed. One
cannot help but worship then the Power that upon
the first encounter stirred a need to place green,
growing things upon a kind of altar. One might
be alone, but here, by grace and some strange
alchemy, is home.      
                   mmc summer 2011
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